OpenBSD 7


So I decided to give OpenBSD a try. So far I'm liking it.

It's different to Linux and that's not a bad thing. The installer is also very different to what I'm used to but it is straight forward enough that I eventually figured it out on the 3rd run!

I love the classic look and feel of the default window manager which is fvwm2 (Above).

After a few hours playing around, setting up wifi, configuring ksh to remember command history (Doesn't by default) and slightly ricing my fvwm2 config... My desktop now has a wallpaper.

73 packages, bloated.

Sat, 06 Nov 2021 22:34:35 +0000

Weekend remix music competition


Been working on a remix of an old '93 rave tune for a competition

Sun, 15 Aug 2021 22:27:08 +0100

Learning SQL Command Structure & Types


SQL Data Types

SQL Commands


DDL commands define the database schema. SQL commands under DDL create, modify, and remove database objects such as tables, indexes, and users.


DQL commands let you query the database, get schema relation based on the query passed to it and find information in one or more tables, and return the query as a result set.


DML commands deal with the manipulation of data present in database.


DCL commands deal with the rights, permissions, and other controls of the database system.


TCL commands are used to manage transactions in the database. These are used to manage the changes made by DML statements

This is a WIP -- More content coming..

Sat, 14 Aug 2021 16:31:31 +0100

Asrock Xtreme rebuild


I had an old gaming PC that was originally built back in 2011 that I have not used for a while. I recently decided to rebuild it adding an SSD and move it into a newer case. It's an Asrock Xtreme9 motherboard with a Sandybridge i7 3930K CPU.

This thing is still a beast ten years later.

As you can see, the newer case (which I was given for free) is huge. That's a full ATX motherboard and look at all the space...

I ordered some thermal paste in preparation since this thing was built back in 2011.

When I arrived home from work this evening my thermal paste was lying just inside the door on the rug. I excitedly got to work right away disconnecting wires, removing panels and finally removing the heatsink. I cleaned everything up and slapped some paste onto the 3930k cpu...

Next up was the heatsink pad. Gave it a thourough clean and applied a thin layer of paste

Very carefully I refitted the heatsink

Once I was happy with everything I refitted the fans to the cooler and was ready to fire the PC back up.

You have probably spotted a Raspberry Pi 2 mounted on the inside top of the case. This is a side project I have going where I'm powering the Pi from a spare 5v rail on the PSU.... More on that in another post.

Tue, 03 Aug 2021 00:26:58 +0100

n00bie TTY life


I have been booting to a console login rather than a desktop environment on my laptop, choosing to use the console only to achieve daily computing tasks. There are no distractions so you focus more on what you are doing. My laptop's battery lasts a lot longer, and probably the greatest benefit is that I'm learning more about Linux than I usually would.

Life in the TTY isn't perfect though so I've had to do some configuring. I had to fix the terminal font and size since it was too small. I use Void Linux, so for me this can be set in: /etc/rc.conf.

I installed the terminus-font package and then I added the line:


to my rc.conf. Now reading my laptop screen is a bit more bearable.

Some programs like vi/n/vim, htop etc... don't clear the terminal after quiting, so I aliased them to simple shell scripts, for example:

#Clears TTY after running neovim
nvim $1

I saved this as: tvi (as in tty-vi) to a hidden folder in my home directory which I have labelled .bin and added it to my directory path. All I have to do is run:

tvi "file"

Now when I quit out from editing, I'm left with a nice clear terminal. I repeated this process for other programs that I use regularly. I'm not sure if this is even the right way of doing it but it's the solution I came up with by myself.

Cya, nerds.

Sun, 11 Jul 2021 12:02:52 +0100

So I have been using Google fonts on this site and at first I thought this was cool. As time passed by, however, this has started to annoy me. Knowing that each time the site is loaded, connections are made to Google's servers and cookies are placed and no doubt some form of tracking is going on... Fuck that. I felt motivated enough today to do some work on the site, install the fonts used onto the server and update all the HTML/CSS files

Since I was still motivate to tinker with stuff, I also tweaked the script that I'm using to create the blog posts and update the index.html. The script is pretty simple but effective and it was written by Luke Smith. You can download it from his site HERE

Did a bunch of other stuff that no one gives a shit about, trying to keep myself occupied. I'm still waiting for the laptop that I ordered and struggling to not get too anxious about it. I have one more shift at work tomorrow and then I'm off for 3 days...

If the laptop comes while I'm off work I'll be pretty pleased.

Sun, 06 Jun 2021 23:04:19 +0100

Starlite laptop


Ordered a Starlitei Mk III laptop over a month ago..

...And I'm still waiting for it to arrive, which is pretty fucking agonizing I must say, when I'm checking the shipping progress daily and desperately hoping for an update each time I look.

I'm starting to wonder if I would have been better off buying an old Thinkpad x201... They have some Grade A condition units for sale at Tier1 Online that look very tempting.

Thu, 03 Jun 2021 12:25:54 +0100