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Born in the 70s, grew up in the 80s. First computer owned was a Commodore 16. I played games and typed in programs from magazines. I was never good at programming and I found it difficult to stay focused enough to learn much. So I mostly just played games. I didn't own a C64 until the late 80s. My all time favourite computer was the Commodore Amiga. Firstly an Amiga 500 and then later the A1200. A lot of hours were spent making music with OctaMED and Protracker. I was also a Nintendo fanboi, playing games on the NES, Snes, N64 and then the Gamecube. By the time the Wii was released I had lost all interest in consoles and had moved to PC.

I'm currently interested in Linux/BSD operating systems, playing League of Legends or Arma3 or making music (or trying to...) with Ableton Live! (Link to my Soundcloud Artist page.)

Why does this website exist?

Homepages are cool. Self hosting your own content is even cooler. I also enjoy running my own server, configuring and maintaining everything.

A favourite quote: "There is no 'cloud', just other people's computers" -- Richard Stallman

I'm also (very lazily) learning full stack web developement - Doing this is my hobby and what you are seeing here are the results of that. Oh... and I wanted to make a site that qualifies for the 512KB Club

Why not use social media?

Telemetry, ads, privacy, you know what I mean.. I prefered the old internet.

Back in the glory days websites were static. If you found an interesting page you could spend time reading and browsing its content, without distractions.

I remember learning about Linux and installing Red Hat 6. I remember using IRC for the first time to get help with computer stuff and making online friends. I remember sharing links to cool and interesting sites, forums and undergound FTP servers hosting all kinds of files to download and fill up a hard drive. I was an avid collector of "warez", funny mpeg video clips and midi music. I can remember when the MP3 format, Napster and BitTorrent changed everything. I remember user homepages the most and how much I enjoyed exploring them.