Amiga setup

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Trying to get a decent setup so that I can use my Amiga more and become more productive. In the past all my setups have been way too awkward to be useful because of limited space available, the amount of gear, and, all the cables and power outlets needed for it all.

I ended up buying a verticle montitor stand which at first seemed great, but, having to constantly look up and down all the time to the top monitor fast became too strenuous and annoying.

Fortunately, I've recently moved to another room in the house and this time I have gone back to a horizontal setup with my Amiga now in the corner of the room and my gaming PC positioned at the other side of the room.

Going back to the horizontal setup now that I have more room is a lot better. I did not want to give up completely on the vertical monitor stand so I'm testing it out with an old Dell 5:4 LCD monitor to see what use I can get out of it.

Now things are a bit more comfortable I'm looking forward to getting back into making tracker music and playing my old favourite games.

On the other side of the room I have my gaming and Ableton setup.

The next thing I want to focus on now is finding a good (and easy) method of transfering sounds I create in Ableton over to the Amiga for use in modules. I try to only use sounds that I have made myself rather than using samples.

Probably should do something with the decorating, looks pretty shit ATM.