Asrock Xtreme rebuild

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I had an old gaming PC that was originally built back in 2011 that I have not used for a while. I recently decided to rebuild it adding an SSD and move it into a newer case. It's an Asrock Xtreme9 motherboard with a Sandybridge i7 3930K CPU.

This thing is still a beast ten years later.


As you can see, the newer case (which I was given for free) is huge. That's a full ATX motherboard and look at all the space...

I ordered some thermal paste in preparation since this thing was built back in 2011.

When I arrived home from work this evening my thermal paste was lying just inside the door on the rug. I excitedly got to work right away disconnecting wires, removing panels and finally removing the heatsink. I cleaned everything up and slapped some paste onto the 3930k cpu...

Next up was the heatsink pad. Gave it a thourough clean and applied a thin layer of paste

Very carefully I refitted the heatsink

Once I was happy with everything I refitted the fans to the cooler and was ready to fire the PC back up.

You have probably spotted a Raspberry Pi 2 mounted on the inside top of the case. This is a side project I have going where I'm powering the Pi from a spare 5v rail on the PSU.... More on that in another post.