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Eye Of The Beholder C64 version

An unofficial version of Eye of the Beholder ported to the C64 has been released! Website here [https://eotb64.com]. Read the Time Extension article or IndieRetroNews article for a better write up than what I can do.

For emulation users, there is a notes page with some tips to help get you up and running. I have managed to get it working in GTKVice3.6 without having to alter any settings, although I have tweaked a few things. One problem I do have is that I'm unable to get my mouse working in game, which is a minor annoyance.

One really nice touch to this port is that if you run it in the C128 emulator, the map is shown on a second display. Example OBS scene below.

The issue that I am currently having is that the mouse pointer moves to the bottom of the screen and then I'm only able to move left and right. You can use keybinds to control the pointer but having it work properly would be better. If anyone has any suggestions to fix this issue hit me up on my Twitter DMs

The C64 version might not look as sharp and colourful as the Amiga, or other versions, but it is definitely better having the extra screen for the map. The aesthetics are pure oldschool retro.

Screenshot of the Amiga version.