SpaceLander by..

74apps logo SpaceLander on my phone

SpaceLander is a game developed with the Godot game engine. I made several tracks for the game which you can listen to or download from this page. When making the music for the game I tried to create an eerie atmosphere by using plenty of LFO and reverb effects on the synths. I guess this is kind of my own interpretation of the old 50s sci-fi soundtracks. All of the tracks are 140BPM and are works in progress.

The game will be available soon on Apple and Android app stores. For more information you can check out the Github and Youtube links below. | 74apps | Github | Youtube | Google Play Store

Audio tracks

The track names here might not exactly match the tracks in the game since these are the original demos that I created.

Name Description BPM 
Ambient track without any drums.140
Lander Dub track.140
Made this one with the idea of it being ingame menu music.140
Hi scores screen.140
End game mission complete track.140