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n00bie TTY life [Void Linux]

I have been booting to a console login rather than a desktop environment on my laptop, choosing to use the console only to achieve daily computing tasks. There are no distractions so you focus more on what you are doing. My laptop's battery lasts a lot longer, and probably the greatest benefit is that I'm learning more about Linux than I usually would.

Life in the TTY isn't perfect though so I've had to do some configuring. I had to fix the terminal font and size since it was too small. I use Void Linux, so for me this can be set in: /etc/rc.conf.

I installed the terminus-font package and then I added the line:


to my rc.conf. Now reading my laptop screen is a bit more bearable.

Some programs like vi/n/vim, htop etc... don't clear the terminal after quiting, so I aliased them to simple shell scripts, for example:

#Clears TTY after running neovim
nvim $1

I saved this as: tvi (as in tty-vi) to a hidden folder in my home directory which I have labelled .bin and added it to my directory path. All I have to do is run:

$ tvi "file"

Now when I quit out from editing, I'm left with a nice clear terminal. I repeated this process for other programs that I use regularly. I'm not sure if this is even the right way of doing it but it's the solution I came up with by myself.