This domain [] was registered as a joke over 12 years ago and has been retained ever since. Originally it was used for email, but it now also points to this website.


I make music on my computer. This is my personal website for uploading my work. It is made (and maintained) as a hobby and also for learning. It is mostly written in plain HTML/CSS but some pages on this site use PHP.

Other content relates to old computers, operating systems like OpenBSD and Linux, and also some retro gaming.


Born in the 70s, grew up in the 80s. First computer owned was a Commodore 16. I played games and typed in programs from magazines. Although I was never that good at programming so I mostly just played games. I didn't own a C64 until the very late 80s. My all time favourite computer was the Commodore Amiga. Firstly an Amiga 500 and then later on the A1200. I spent a lot of hours being creative making music with OctaMED and Protracker. I was also a Nintendo fanatic and spent time playing games on the NES, Snes, N64 and Gamecube. By the time the Wii was released I had lost all interest in consoles and had moved over to PC.

Whilst I would call myself a Retro Gamer, I'm not exactly stuck in the past or obsessed with buying or collecting old consoles and games, (although I do own a few!). I like to keep up with modern games and news, new music and technology.