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Welcome to my Amiga page. As you can see by the design, I really like the 1.3 aesthetic. The Amiga was an amazing computer to have owned back in the late 80s and early 90s. You can read all about it here.

S i t e   u n d e r   a c t i v e   d e v e l o p e m e n t

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Workbench 1.3

What is this?

Late one evening an idea came into my head and now this themed webpage exists. This is actually a subpage of my main website


As you can clearly see... The design here is to emulate the look and feel of the oldschool Amiga Workbench release 1.3. The best looking aesthetically! And.. of course, all content created on an Amiga. (It's very much lacking at the moment, sadge.)

Icons on the left are self explanatory. Icons on the right? Hmm... I'll use RAM DISK as a kind blog section and Workbench1.3 as a links page, maybe...

Personal Bio

Ye.. the cringe part nobody wants to read but I'm putting it anyway!

I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s with an interest in computers. The first computer I owned was a Commodore 16. I played games and typed in programs from magazines, but I was never good at programming, haha. I mostly played games. I didn't upgrade to a C64 until well into the late 80s.

Amiga 1200 with red case

My all time favourite computer was the Commodore Amiga. My first Amiga was the A500 and then later the A1200. I spent a lot of hours making music with OctaMED and Protracker and was fascinated with Amiga Workbench and how you could create your own Workbench boot disks with custom programs and Startup-Sequence scripts.

I used to compile bootable disks with graphical menus and backdrops for loading and playing tracks I had made with OctaMED or Protracker. Sadly I lost everything that I ever created.

It was through using the Amiga and reading magazines that I first learned about the internet. Amiga User International was my favourite mag, especially in the later years as they focused more on software rather than games.

I do own a real Amiga 1200, but, it's not my original one. This one has some upgrades:

	ACA 1233n accelerator
	BIFROST A1200 LED replacement
	CF adaptor + 8GB card formatted as 2 partitions (HDD replacement)
	Battery backed RTC realtime clock module
	Null modem cable for PC/Amiga file transfer

I'm currently interested in Linux/BSD operating systems, playing League of Legends, Arma 3 or making music in Ableton Live as an amatuer producer. (Link to my Soundcloud)

Why does this website exist?

Personal homepages and hosting your own content is cool! (and the proper way). I also enjoy running my own server, doing all the configuring and maintaining it all.

A favourite quote: "There is no 'cloud', just other people's computers" -- Richard Stallman

I'm also (very lazily) learning full stack web developement - Doing this is my hobby and what you are seeing here are the results of that. Oh... and I wanted to make a site that qualifies for the 512KB Club (Applies to the main page only)

Cool, and...

So.. this is my bit of Cyberspace.. I can put whatever I want here. Ha..