My IBM Thinkpad X60s

This is my IBM branded Thinkpad X60s. If this laptop was in better condition it would easily be my favourite laptop.

Unfortunately it does have a few issues:

I love the 4:3 (1.33:1) screen aspect and think it's actually superior to wide screens. I love how portable this thing is. Light and easy to carry around. Love the lid locking mechanism. There's no touchpad which is also somthing I like about it.

At some point I would like to fix all the issues with this laptop which would mean replacing the fan, battery, keyboard and top casing.

Operating system configuration

I currently have Void Linux installed on this laptop. Not much configuration except for a tiling window manager and a few custom programs. I haven't really spent a lot of time with it for a while.

Check out my Void Linux Page for details about how I configure my Linux setup.

Mods and upgrades

Not a lot really...

Screen grabs

Some random screen grabs. Obligatory Neofetch output, an image of what my site looks like and a random htop screen grab


Some pictures from a teardown where I removed the CPU cooler and replaced the thermal paste. The old paste was completely dried up! Stripped the fan housing down and cleaned everything up the best I could. Should last another 10 years now.